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Applied Auto Forum

If you are looking for a One-Stop place to discuss the automotive industry, then go to the Applied Auto Forum

URL:  http://appliedauto.mypunbb.com

You can get current automotive news, articles, repair trends, repair tips, fundamentals, diagnostic procedures, DTC codes, consumer help, race events and results, items and parts for sale, looking for a job or business opportunities, etc.

This is a New forum and is targeted for Automotive Professionals as a placed to discuss various automotive topics on a level that we professionals are accustomed to.  Although, there are areas for discussions, assistance, and general viewing for fellow automotive customers and enthusiasts.

Although this forum is in the start-up phase, I welcome all of you to Join New Applied Auto Forum and stay up with the auto industry. 

Yours truly, forum Host and fellow Veteran Automotive Professional,

Jack Miller