Technology Sites and Articles of Interest:

Ferrari’s New Fuel Injection for 2009

Electronically Power Steering

Steering Column abosorbs 20 % of impact energy

DOD Fuel Cell 

Great Study on Fuel Cell – Be Sure to open the Pdf presentations at the bottom.

Technology Administration

Is Microsoft in the Auto Business?  Click Here to find out…

Leave the Driving to us is the theme in Micron’s introduction on their New Image Sensors and Memory Devices.  Click Here to read more…

“Honey, look at the road, you’re going to hit that car!  Don’t worry, we’re in my new V2V…”  Take of look at GMs concept of the safest car in the world as they introduce new technology.  Click Here to read more…

Fiber-reinforced plastics on the horizon for automotive wheels.  Click here to read more…

Thomas Net

Global Spec

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