Below are profiles of Notable Manufacturers that are represented by Advanced Precision Plastics and their profiles.  If you wish to contact us for further information or inquire a quote, please contact us with the information provided on our business cards at the bottom of the page.


Midwest Rubber Company  is a full service manufacturer of Flexible Rubber & Plastic components for Automotive & Commercial applications utilizing Form Dipped, Slush Casting, Injection/Transfer Molded & Rotational Molded Rubber & Plastic products. Material Compounds of: High Grade Liquid Latex, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone, Urethane Foam & PVC are available.  RepresentationJack Miller (West Coast), Lonny Miller (Midwest)


Fansteel – American Sintered Technologies  is a competitive,  High Quality manufacturer of Powder Metal Products for a wide range of applications including: Automotive, Lawn & Garden, Heavy Truck, Marine , Appliance and many other Industrial applications utilizing the full range of material options and Alloy’ (Iron Based Materials, Stainless Steels, Brass, Bronze).  RepresentationJack Miller (West Coast), Lonny Miller (Midwest) 


CIP Composite is a High Load, High Impact , Self Lubricating, Composite Bearing material solving Bearing problems in a wide variety of industries, which include; Hydraulic Cylinders, Heavy Equip., Marine, Fork Lifts, Pulp & Paper, Food Processing, Agriculture, Automotive, Amusement Parks, Wood Products, Robotic Automation and many others.  RepresentationJack Miller (West Coast), Lonny Miller (Midwest)


DeWal Industries – Manufacturers of a full line of pressure sensitive tapes & films. UHMW-PE, PTFE & PTFE based, Polyimide, Glass Fabric, FEP, Polyester, Dynaglide® family of bearing materials plus many others. Representation:  Lonny Miller (Midwest)


Garland Manufacturing Company – High Quality manufacturer of GAR-DUR UHMW Polymer for a wide variety of industrial applications ie: Logging & Pulp, Automotive assy lines, Bottling & Canning, Waste Water Treatment , Food Processing, Conveyor, Material Handling Equip. and others. Garland manufactures Bushings, Sprockets, Feedscrews, Gears, Star Wheels, Cams, Idlers, Wear Pads,  Profile Extrusions, Rod, Tube, Plate.  Representation:  Lonny Miller (Midwest)

North American Carbide – Tooling manufacturer to the Plastics Industry. Carbide, Ceramic, Cermet, PCD, PCBN, Silicone Nitride, Cerbide and much more…Check them out!  Representation:  Lonny Miller (Midwest)

West Coast Representative (CA, WA, OR, NV, AZ ):

Jack Miller Business Card

Midwest Representative (KY,TN, IN, OH, MI): 



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