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Torque Those Lug Nuts!

We keep hearing that we need to “torque those lug nuts”  But Why?

In my years of service as an Automotive Professional, I have seen too many reasons as to why you should torque those lug nuts.  I’ve seen wheels come off, brakes damaged, broken/stripped lug nuts, bolts and studs, etc., and I have seen this repeatedly by Technicians as well as the Do-It-Your-Selfers for one simple reason – they don’t properly torque the Lug Nuts on their vehicle…

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Applied Auto Forum

If you are looking for a One-Stop place to discuss the automotive industry, then go to the Applied Auto Forum


You can get current automotive news, articles, repair trends, repair tips, fundamentals, diagnostic procedures, DTC codes, consumer help, race events and results, items and parts for sale, looking for a job or business opportunities, etc.

This is a New forum and is targeted for Automotive Professionals as a placed to discuss various automotive topics on a level that we professionals are accustomed to.  Although, there are areas for discussions, assistance, and general viewing for fellow automotive customers and enthusiasts.

Although this forum is in the start-up phase, I welcome all of you to Join New Applied Auto Forum and stay up with the auto industry. 

Yours truly, forum Host and fellow Veteran Automotive Professional,

Jack Miller